Macarn was established in 2015 in the small town of Skærbæk in the Southern part of Jutland, where the married couple Jan and Camilla Kruse Hansen started making organic sodas at home at the kitchen table. The idea was clear - they wanted to make Danish organic soda filled with lots of good ingredients and without all artificials, and the brand Macarn was created.

In August 2019, the brand was sold to Naturfrisk Group, making Macarn part of a larger Danish organic family. The Rømer family, which is behind the Naturfrisk Group and the Kruse Hansen family, have had a close collaboration for a long time previously, so the idea of ​​bringing the brands together quickly became a reality. Jan was also employed as Head of Sales and Marketing at Naturfrisk Group, and Macarn now became part of a larger Danish organic family.



The name Macarn comes from Scotland, even though the company is 100% Danish and is a name, which means a lot for Jan and Camilla. Macarn means “Son of Arne”, which is directed at the company’s director and founder Jan. Arne was Jan's father.



In March 2018, Macarn won “Organic Gold” in the category “Retail beverages”

with their Organic Raspberry soft drink.

The judge’s reason sounded: “It has a natural flavour of raspberry. Authentic

taste with a perfect balance. Now you can give the kids a red soda without feeling bad”