“Did you know? That liquorice was used in China for more than 5000 years ago and that you could find liquorice in Tutankhamun’s grave in Egypt (approx. 1350BE). Even the old Greeks found out that liquorice could help them against asthma, dry throat and chest pains.”

Black and Red

4 cl vodka

1 cl liquorice syrup

1 cl fresh Squeezed lime

20 cl Organic Raspberry Soda

… In addition, lots of crushed ice.

Can also be enjoyed without alcohol 

Garnish with raspberry.

Try: and
make your own liquorice syrup.

Pour 5 dl water in a pot and let it boil. Add your liquorice (either sweet, salty or strong) then whisk away. If there are some lumps in your syrup, then carefully add more water until you have a smooth texture.