“Did you know?... back in the day, pirates had ginger beer on board. Instead of water, since it could be stored longer. It’s believed that’s how Dark and Stormy was originated, and that they added lime, so they don’t get scurvy.”

Dark and Stormy

4 cl dark rum

1 cl fresh squeezed lime

20 cl Macarn Organic Ginger Beer

(Can be added) ½ cl Angostura

… Tons of ice.

Can also be enjoyed without alcohol. You can add 4 cl strawberry syrup instead of rum.

Another option is that you can leave the lime juice out, to give the ginger and rum flavour a stronger flavour. Alternatively place a slice of lime instead of freshly squeezed juice.
Angostura is not a part of the original Dark and Stormy drink, but is an option if you want a more spiced and bitter taste.