Gin & Tonic

4 cl gin

20 cl Macarn Organic Tonic

... Add lots of ice.

There are many types of gin on the market these days, with different flavours. Gin & Tonic has now become a drink that you can experiment with food.

Try to play around with these flavours, by adding some chopped cucumber, shredded lemon peel, pieces of orange or fresh thyme and discover how the difference in taste, depending on how you make it.

If you use lemon or orange peel, we recommend that you break the peel to get the most optimised flavour.

​“Did you know?... That people used natural quinine to treat malaria. Our organic tonic, made out of quinine taken from the bark of the Cinchona tree, also not one aroma added. This is why our tonic tastes a lot better than the others in the market does.”