Tons of sweet elderflower and fresh lemons, which gives it the balance between sweet and sour.

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A wonderful taste with passionfruit combined with sweet oranges and fresh lemon.


This is how raspberry soda tasted back in the old days. A generous amount of   organic raspberries, adjusted with a hint of organic elderberry juice. ​​​


Rose Lemonade

Fresh and mild flavour organic lemons and French roses. Adjusted with a small amount of black carrot to keep the beautiful pink colour.​

​​​​Ginger Beer​​

​Extreme amounts of organic ginger.  Adjusted with grape for bitterness, lemon for sourness and rounded off with apple for sweetness.​


Beautiful, pure organic

tonic with notes of fennel, thyme and lemon grass. Even the quinine is from cinchona tree and not just an aroma. 


20% juice from South Fyn wine-rhubarbs balanced out with a dash of organic blackcurrant.​


Fresh variety of taste from citrus fruits. The balance is found via the correct combination of organic lemon-, lime-, and grapefruit.​


​Passionfruit, Elderflower, Raspberry, Rhubarb, 

Lemon, Tonic, Rose Lemonade and Ginger Beer.

​Our varieties are all Danish produced.

They come in two different sizes, the small 25 cl plus the larger 66 cl in old fashioned glass bottles with a black twist top lid.

The i​ngredients list is also old fashion, without all the artificial flavours, just a little bit more fruit juice.

NO aromas, additives or preservatives.

Instead, there are tons of organic raw produce!