An organic tonic with

notes of fennel, thyme

and lemongrass. 

Even the quinine is from

the cinchona tree and not just an aroma.

Bitter Lemon

The classic Bitter Lemon filled with organic citrus fruits chosen carefully to create the perfect balance between sweetness and bitterness.​

Ginger Beer

Organic Ginger Beer with tons of ginger combined with grape, lemon and apple finished off with a dash of chilli.​


Ginger beer, Rose Lemonade, Tonic and Bitter Lemon.

All varieties are available in 66 cl bottles.

Presented in the old fashioned glass bottles with a black screw top lid and 100% Danish produced.

Filled with amazing raw produce that are free from the artificials. 

NO artificial additives, aromas or preservatives.

Just extra fruit juice

Rose Lemonade

Fresh and mild flavour organic lemons and French roses. Adjusted with a small amount of black carrot to keep the beautiful pink colour.​